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It was on November 2016 when a team of courageous, hardworking, & motivated entrepreneurs started the business in Cagayan de Oro City. Entering the market as a humble player in the highly competitive roofing industry. The team started penetrating the market by capturing its previous clients and then slowly working their way for the new customers.

By June of 2017 GRAECO MARKETING officially opened its doors. The business grew slowly, but over time it turned in to a trading business. GRAECO MARKETING saw opportunities on the rapid development in the construction sector. From being a reliable roofing supplier/specialist, the team made a 180 degree turn on their operation converting it to construction material supplier.

Today, GRAECO MARKETING provides quality steel products & other construction materials with outstanding customer service. Their distinguished sales personnel are well experienced and has the expertise to ensure that all clients - big or small receive the best possible service.




To be honest, trustworthy, and consistent with our words. We tell the truth & earn the trust of those around us. We will honor our commitments. Our actions are accountable, ethical, and consistent with the trust given us.


We foster an environment mutual respect & trust amongst ourselves and with all whom we serve.


Our goal is to create satisfaction by producing the best possible service & experience for our customers. We are committed to achieving the highest level of excellence & exceeding expectations of those we serve.


We continuously strive to make things better. We commit to providing a safe environment. We look forward to competition as an opportunity to improve.


To provide a supportive environment, free from discrimination, and with mutual respect & dignity


We will develop relationships with our clients, partners, suppliers, and colleagues to achieve positive outcome.


GRAECO MARKETING will become one leading & trusted supplier of quality roofing materials & other construction materials not just in the local region but also in the country in terms of revenue, system, product, & service quality in 2027.


GRAECO MARKETING will provide products and services that will meet our customers’ expectations to bring satisfaction for Customers.

GRAECO MARKETING will supply products with complete and dependable services at competitive prices without sacrificing quality.